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Általános iskolai ballagásra ajándék ötletek, általános iskolai ballagási ajándék lista, válogass az általános iskolás gyerekeknek összeválogatott ballagási ajándék ötletek közül itt:
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SetEmail('somebody@example.com'); /** Customer's cart example. */ $Cart = array( 'AAA111' => 'Name of first purchased product', 'BBB222' => 'Name of second purchased product' ); /** Provide the name and the identifier of the purchased products. * You can get those from the webshop engine. * It must be called for each of the purchased products. */ foreach($Cart as $ProductIdentifier => $ProductName) { /** If both product name and identifier are available, you can provide them this way: */ $Client->AddProduct($ProductName, $ProductIdentifier); /** If only product name is available, you can provide it with the following call: */ $Client->AddProduct($ProductName); /** If neither is available, you can leave out these calls. */ } /** This method perpares to send us the e-mail address and the name of the purchased products set above. * It returns an HTML code snippet which must be added to the webshop's source. * After the generated code is downloaded into the customer's browser it begins to send purchase information. */ echo $Client->Prepare(); /** Here you can implement error handling. The error message can be obtained in the manner shown below. This step is optional. */ } catch (Exception $Ex) { $ErrorMessage = $Ex->getMessage(); }